Through the Madison County Love One Program, you can sponsor a local family in order to help through some challenging times. A sponsor payment of $50.00 a month is made, allowing For Life Ministries to purchase the family a food box full of good, protein packed items to make solid meals for their family. These sponsored families come to a designated location once a month to pick up their food boxes. Upon arrival, they are greeted, prayed with, loved on, and encouraged. Our hope is that the sponsor would not only support the family monetarily through their sponsor payment of $50.00, but would pray for their family by name, write cards or letters, buy a gift, even meet them face to face. The Love One Program also has two events a year in which the families are brought to a local church, fed, encouraged, and presented the truth of the Gospel. All of this is done in the hope of changing lives with the power that only Jesus can offer. 

If you would like to sponsor a local child, please contact Jennifer Morgan at or contact the For Life Ministries office at 256-203-2997.


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Jeremiah 29:11 “ For I know the plans I have for you,” says the LORD. “They are plans for good and not for disaster, to give you a future and a hope.” I think of this scripture often, how it feels to be tired and worried and hungry. Its encouragement when you’re pressed up hard and feeling trapped by life and circumstance. I think of it in the context of For Life through your Love One Program. I am surrounded by a lot of need. A lot of hunger. When I first met with you and heard about this program, frankly, I thought it sounded like a great food assistance program. Ha! I could not have been more wrong. This is a ministry of prayer, of relationship and the food boxes are just a vehicle. Since we started partnering with Love One, we’re studying scripture with people I wasn’t sure we’d ever reach. We’re praying in homes and in neighborhoods I never thought we could penetrate. And as much as the participants lives are changing, our sponsors hearts are softening even more. REAL relationships are forming over racial and socio economic lines. The Lord is working in All of us as one body and it’s one of the most exciting, amazing, humbling things I’ve ever been a part of. If you developed this program and nurtured it for 4 years, just so we could get into two of the homes we’re in now, it was worth it. The work you’re doing: it’s important. It’s Kingdom work. I am so very, very thankful for your ministry and the power of prayer, placed in that 24 by 24 food box, and it’s impact on our community. 

Bless you-

Sue Loper Hereford
Graces of Gurley

Never Assume

“My afternoon was altered when I went to pick up my girls from school. As we are getting ready to leave, there was a little girl hovering around me. She tugs on my shirt and says "Can you take me to your house and put Neosporin on my foot and wrap it. It hurts." I said, "Well, I think we can take care of that now." So we head to the first aid box and I set her up on the counter. I looked through the holes in her sandal and saw that her foot was wrapped in gauze. When I pulled off the shoe I almost vomited. It smelled like she had walked in manure then put her feet back in her shoes and let them rot for three days straight. When I pulled off the gauze, all of her toes were coal black from dirt. The bruise or raw spot was on the bottom of her foot and had turned a red, purple color. She said, "These are the only pair of shoes I have and I put the gauze on my foot because they get so dirty it makes my foot hurt." I ask her to sit there for just a few minutes. I needed to formulate a plan, but more than that, I needed time to gain my composure. Since the mother didn't have a working phone, I sent a message with her older sister that I was going to take her to my house for a shower and to get her some new shoes. Before I sent her into the bathroom to get cleaned, I wanted to make sure she had been taught how to properly wash. I said, "Ok, so what do you do first when you’re in the shower?" She replied, "I put conditioner in my hair and then I use shampoo." I pulled out the bottles and showed her the shampoo goes first and you use your fingertips to scrub your head. Then you rinse that out and do the same thing with the conditioner. I showed her what soap to put on the wash rag and that she needed to start washing her face and work all the way down to her little (filthy) toes. Just before I leave her to get in the shower she says, "Oh no! I forgot my book bag at school." And I replied, "It doesn't really matter does it? You don't have homework since it's at the end of the school year." She replied, "But it has my Bag of Blessings in it." Then I knew; that was the food she was counting on so that she would have something to eat that weekend. Needless to say, we got her clean clothes out of my daughter’s room, and then we went and got new sandals, socks, and tennis shoes. Then I brought her back home with me for the night. I guess I thought the least I can do is to give her one night of peaceful sleep. Later that evening after she had been playing she asked "Can I get in the shower again?" I said but you're already clean and she replied, "Yeah, but I want to make sure I'm really clean." So tonight I remembered that I should never assume a child has been taught the basics in life (like how to shower). I should never assume a child gets to eat on the weekend without their Bag of Blessings. I should never assume that a child is doing well just because they are walking around right in front of me. I should also never assume that everyone takes a shower for granted like I do.”

- Ministry Partner Liaison for the Love One Program


”When Zack and I heard about For Life Ministries’ Love One program in Gurley, it initially sparked our attention because Zack was born and raised in Gurley and his parents still live there. We have seen first- hand the needs within the community. We sponsor a young pre-teen girl, and getting to know her and her family (not to mention all of the amazing people involved in this ministry) has blessed us immensely. For us, what makes this ministry so unique is that it's relational. Not only do you "sponsor" a child, but you get to know them and their family, you can love on them in person! Zack and I also sponsor children through international organizations, but this has blessed us so much more. Getting to go into Katie's home and see the excitement in her eyes when we have brought her goodies has been the BEST. Her mom is the sweetest lady and has truly opened her heart to us so many times. They allow us to pray over them, and they have opened their lives to us. It's been one of those things that we've walked into hoping to bless the people on the other side...but we've been the ones to receive the blessings for sure. This has also been such a unique and hands on way for our children to see us reaching out to those in need! It has opened their eyes to things they wouldn't have been exposed to otherwise. Seeing us practice what we preach is so important and we love to find ways to involve our children in ministry. Being involved in Love One has been a great teaching tool in our home! We talk about Katie and her family and pray for them every night with our kids. They understand the importance of being Jesus’ hands and feet because they have SEEN the impact it makes. Such a blessing!”

- Love One program sponsors  

"My story is pretty simple. I was invited to a special dinner two years ago. I was moved by the presentations there, and actually I think my heart was ready for it anyways. I just needed the right "time & place". I believe that night with For Life Ministries was it! 
I knew what it was like growing up as a kid feeling out of place, a little "different", and being teased by other kids in school. Kids that had things I didn't have. So as an adult now, I wanted to give back where I could to a child today who might be going through or feeling the same things. 
I chose a child I thought I could connect with best (same gender, interests, etc.). And it has been pure joy ever since. Not only is it fun for me to give, but I've gotten to know a little more about the family through letters received from them as well. 
I remember my first response letter from my sponsor family. I was having a particularly bad day, and I came home to find a wonderful little thank you letter written in pencil from my child in the mailbox. You don't know how much that little note of sweetness brightened my day! And the mother writes to me too. Those letters are precious to me. And that's part of the joy too. Your giving does come back around"

Love One Sponsor