Through the Madison County Love One Program, you can sponsor a local family in order to help through some challenging times. A sponsor payment of $50.00 a month is made, allowing For Life Ministries to purchase the family a food box full of good, protein packed items to make solid meals for their family. These sponsored families come to a designated location once a month to pick up their food boxes. Upon arrival, they are greeted, prayed with, loved on, and encouraged. Our hope is that the sponsor would not only support the family monetarily through their sponsor payment of $50.00, but would pray for their family by name, write cards or letters, even meet them face to face. The Love One Program also has two events a year in which the families are brought to a local church, fed, encouraged, and presented the truth of the Gospel. All of this is done in the hope of changing lives with the power that only Jesus can offer. 

If you would like to sponsor a local family, please contact Jennifer Morgan at or contact the For Life Ministries office at 256-203-2997.