As the Bible commands, Jesus calls for the care of all orphans. For Life Ministries seeks to introduce individuals to children who may not have the support and protection of a family of their own. We feel that once an individual develops a better understanding, their biblical call will become more clear and easier to live out.

For Life Ministries has committed to the call to serve the people of Haiti. We are very excited to share that in 2017, For Life Ministries has the blessing to support Chase and Kimmey Barbrey, and their beautiful daugther Piper. Chase will be working in the area of construction, while Kimmey will be focusing on product development. Read more about their time in Haiti on their blog -

We look forward to sharing with everyone ALL that will be going on over the next few years and how you can get involved.

In 2015, we began a partnership with Future Generation International Missions (FGIM), founded by Pierre and Lorphine St. Louis. God has led them to Jacmel, Haiti where they have followed His call to care for orphans in Haiti at Faith House Orphanage. Additionally, they have started a school for the girls along with a church. For Life Ministries has already taken a number of teams to Jacmel and we look forward to witnessing how the Lord will work in that area. For Life Ministries will be supporting FGIM by overseeing their stateside office in Huntsville, Alabama. To learn more about FGIM and read the stories of the girls God has placed in their care, please visit their website at